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About me

My Philosophy

We all need support at some point in our lives, through my experiences I have learned different healing modalities and worked with many different teachers and guides.  They are what helped me grow, heal, and become my strongest partner and taught me how to love myself.  We all have different paths and journeys and I would love to help and guide you along your journey to see what resonates with you to become your own perfect partner.  The possibilities are endless.  I always love adding tools to my tool kit.  The sooner we start changing our lives along with our families, we can start to live the life we all deserve.  Safe travels on your journey.

My Story

Hello, I am a Mind, Body, Spirit coach, an Awakening Your Light Body Meditation teacher, Trailblazing Communication Practitioner, Author, and owner of Pura Vida Peace, LLC.

My passion is to help women gain their power back, build confidence, heal their heart, and to raise, shift, and change the energy of their home.

In 2011, I left a very toxic marriage with three little children.  Through meditation and energy work I was able to gain my power and freedom back, heal from the relationship and to love myself.  I learned to develop boundaries, use my voice, find purpose, hope, strength and courage to rediscover my passion, purpose and desires in life.  

Through my experiences, I have learned that it is not always about the choices that we make, the vibration we maintain, but also the patterns that are passed down through generations, we have ancestral genetic patterns that we do come into this life with, through my intuition and tools we can shift those patterns so they do not continue. 

Everything we need to become happy, successful, confident, balanced, content, and blissful is inside of us.  Once we heal those traumas or wounds inside of us, we have infinite possibilities around us. 

Are you ready to becoming your own perfect partner?  Are you ready to change the environment you life in and find that peace and balance?

My Training

Ayurvedic Body Therapy Practicioner

California College of Ayurveda 2012

Awakening Your Light Body Meditation Teacher

Daben and Orin 2014

Mind, Body, Spirit Coach

Sunny Dawn Johnston 2017

Trailblazing Communication Practicionor

Tara Argall 2017

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